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By: Communications Officer, School for Life

To mark the end of 2014/2015 Complementary Basic Education (CBE) Literacy cycle, School for Life organises Facilitators’ day to celebrate the hard-work, efforts and performance of Facilitators in thirteen (13) districts in which CBE is being implemented. These Facilitators, mostly untrained teachers have worked tirelessly to teach learners (out-of-school children) enrolled in the cycle to attain proficiency in numeracy and literacy after only nine months of instruction.
The Facilitators' day, is usually organised in Programme districts, after CBE learners have graduated to serve a  range of purposes: to appreciate the work of the Facilitators; to provide the opportunity for reflections and learning on what worked well and what the challenges were during the cycle; to engage with stakeholders of education for improved quality of education and to award facilitators for their outstanding performances through-out the cycle.

Facilitators day at the Sagnarigu District

Female Facilitators presented their Certificates

The facilitators’ day has been celebrated in a number of districts, including Sagnarigu and Tolon Districts and is currently being organised in the rest of the district.

 In the Tolon District, the facilitators’ day was particularly emotional because, the district like two other districts (East Gonja and Nanumba North) are no longer going to benefit from the delivery of CBE classes supported by DANIDA. The ceremony in Tolon, had the attendance of the District Chief Executive, the Deputy Director of Education, the Chief of Tolon, SfL Deputy Manager of Operations and other personalities. In the period between 1999 and 2014, Tolon District has produced 10, 916 learners in the SfL model with 20 rising to become professional teachers, 20 still under training and 1 studying Veterinary Medicine at the University of Ghana. The DCE, Chief and Deputy Director of Education of the District, were happy to hear this great achievement by the Programme and pledged to take steps to train a lot more teachers of the formal schools in the SfL methodology to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Amidst the delight and appreciation, the Chief expressed his frustrations regarding the withdrawal of services by SfL and encouraged the organization to consider Tolon District, if any opportunity emerges.

Facilitators’ Day at Tolon District

The Facilitators were Presented with certificates and financial support provided to them. Facilitators pursuing higher education programmes are given financial support to assist them pay their school fees and other expenses.

District Chief Ececutive of Tolon Presenting Certificates to Facilitators

SfL will continue to give this support to all the facilitators until they complete their respective programmes. This is considered one of the ways to ensuring that communities and the districts continue to benefit from the programme after services are withdrawn.

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